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UT physicists to address questions after showing of “Particle Fever” documentary

UT Physicist will hold a Q&A at Regal Downtown West after the premier of “Particle Fever,” a documentary on the Large Hadron Collider.

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Researcher explains efforts to restore the American chestnut

Dr. Stacy Clark of the U.S. Forest Services, spoke at Friday’s installment of the UT Science Forum on “American Chestnut Restoration: Can We Bring Back the Mighty Giant.” Her presentation highlighted current efforts being made to restore the large tree. The American chestnut was once one of the most important trees within its growth range, stretching from […]

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5 Easy Tips to help the environment

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Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was a Boeing 777, similar to the one in the image above.

UT aviation professor baffled by missing airplane, offers theories

Last Saturday, March 8, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 lost contact with air traffic control nearly an hour after takeoff and has since been missing. One week later, the fate of the flight remains a mystery as several theories have been dispelled or are yet to be proven legitimate. University of Tennessee research professor of Aviation […]

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Wall Street Journal Medical Writer Ron Winslow. Photo courtesy of Mark Littmann.

Wall Street Journal medical writer to speak at McClung

Ron Winslow, a distinguished science writer for the Wall Street Journal, will speak on March 11 at the McClung Museum for the 22nd installment of the Alfred and Julia Hill lecture series. Winslow is widely recognized as the dean of medical writing by journalists, editors and scientists. He will be presenting “Covering Science: Worst of […]

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The UT Science Forum featuring Dr. Marcy J. Souza will be held at Thompson Boling Arena Dining room C-D.

Science forum to discuss epidemics of common wildlife

An assistant professor at UT will address the state of deteriorating wildlife at the UT Science Forum that is being held Friday, March 7 at noon in the Thompson-Boling Arena Ding room C-D. Dr. Marcy J. Souza will present “Epidemics of Less Glamorous Wildlife: What Can We Do to Stop Them?” at the weekly lecture […]

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Goldstein warned the crowd of the dangers of procrastination on issues such as preparing for rising sea levels.

Paleontologist’s research offers warnings on rising sea levels

  Don Goldstein, paleontology researcher at the University of Tennessee, spoke at Friday’s Science Forum in an installment entitled: How Can Florida’s Geological Past Help Us Prepare for the Future? In his presentation, Goldstein explained that at times, over the past two million years, Florida has been partially covered by seawater, leaving behind troves of […]

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Photo by Ryan McGill

New LED lights brighten the floor at Thompson-Boling

The University of Tennessee tested Oak Ridge National Laboratory-based LED lights at Thompson-Boling Arena on Monday, Feb. 24. The new light fixtures will replace the current conventional metal halide lights, generating more energy savings per watt. “The success of these lights will be a game changer,” Andrew Wilhelm, president of LED North America, said. Wilhelm […]

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How to stay healthy during flu season

Health experts at the University of Tennessee’s Dept. of Public Health advice everyone to be weary of the flu season and recommend vaccination as precaution.

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Historian speaks of stories from the Secret City

Y-12 Historian Ray Smith spoke at the second installment of the UT Science Forum about the history of Oak Ridge and the Y-12 Facility.

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