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Horký updates followers during a press conference

Czech reporter finds success through social media

“I’m very lucky,” said Czech TV reporter Filip Horký. Horký, who chose not to attend a university after graduation, was fortunate enough to find his place at Czech TV via Facebook. “I just found one presenter of news at Facebook, and I sent a Facebook message: ‘I wanna be like you in the future,” said […]

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While the Petřín Tower is five times smaller than the Eiffel Tower, it is still very large.

Petřín Tower offers panoramic view of Bohemia

Paris is known for many sites: the Louvre, the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Arc de Triumphe, but Paris is also known for having one of the most recognizable structures in the world, the Eiffel Tower. A lesser-known tower inspired by that structure is The Petřín Tower in Prague, Czech Republic. Here, tourists and Czechs can […]

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Vendors offer convenience, variety in Prague

The aroma of smoked sausages, fried cheese and cinnamon fills the air in Prague, Czech Republic. There are many food options in this city, but many choose to eat at nearby vendors.  Tourists tend to take advantage of them because it offers food at a price that restaurants cannot. “It is delicious and really cheap, […]

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Bernard Beer Spa tubs are accompanied by an attach tap for customers to enjoy an unlimited supply of the house brew.

TNJN Spotlight: Beer spa offers curative soak and unlimited beer

Locals and tourists can immerse themselves in a therapeutic beer bath in the center of Prague at the Bernard Beer Spa.

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Locals and tourists admire the graffiti art on The John Lennon Wall.

To spray or not to spray: Graffiti art in Prague

Walking Through the Streets While walking through the narrow cobble streets of Prague, Czech Republic tourists and locals notice an array of graffiti art. Although graffiti vandalism is illegal, others think it is a form of artistic expression. Almost every block is sprayed on; whether it is on a building, a lamppost, the sidewalk, a […]

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Students explore beer culture in Prague

Beer is arguably the world’s most well-known and socially consumed beverage. In Prague, this statement is no less applicable. From the minute you come within sight of the many restaurants’ outdoor verandas, you are hard pressed to find a patron without a beer in his or her hand. In the United States, most alcoholic beverages […]

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The love lock bridge is a popular attraction for tourists and locals in Prague.

Love locks cover bridge in Prague

In Prague and other major cities, a tragic romantic legend has sparked the trend of attaching love locks on to bridges as a token of a couples eternal and unwavering affection for one another.

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