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UT Cinema Club to explore cult classics this semester

The UT Cinema Club is known for showing unique indie films throughout the semester. In the past, their screenings have focused on animated films, American cinema and films of the 21st century. This semester, the Cinema Club is going to showcase films of a different variety: cult classics. “We plan to spotlight classic midnight movies,…
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5 movies to see this weekend (1/31)

As the Oscar train gets closer and closer, it's the time of year to catch up on some of the Best Picture nominations and see if what the critics are saying line up with your own thoughts. Knoxville is carrying many of the nominations with a handful of new releases and re-releases that should pique…
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UT grad back from Hollywood to tell others how to break into business

[embed width="640"height="420"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbZYJNBVKYQ[/embed] Matt Milam, senior vice president at Skydance productions, will return home to Knoxville where he grew up and went to school to host a forum on how to get movies made in contemporary Hollywood. Milam will be joined by Jon Silk, Will Russell-Shapiro and Bryan Unkeless in a panel discussion, which will be held Friday,…
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