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Omer Onar of Oak Ridge delivers his speech about electric vehicles without plugging in

UT science forum explains future of wireless charging vehicles

With the promoting of environmental awareness, people are spending more and more time focusing on clean energy and electric vehicles.. The UT Science Forum offered a lecture about wireless charging vehicles given by Omer Onar on Nov. 7.

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The UT Science Forum is a presentation of the Quest Research program.

UT Science Forum hosts Mars researcher

For the past two years, a small laboratory rover has been digging, sifting, and inspecting the surface of Mars in an attempt to understand what it would have been like to walk on the planet 3.5 billion years ago.

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Researcher explains efforts to restore the American chestnut

Dr. Stacy Clark of the U.S. Forest Services, spoke at Friday’s installment of the UT Science Forum on “American Chestnut Restoration: Can We Bring Back the Mighty Giant.” Her presentation highlighted current efforts being made to restore the large tree. The American chestnut was once one of the most important trees within its growth range, stretching from […]

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The UT Science Forum featuring Dr. Marcy J. Souza will be held at Thompson Boling Arena Dining room C-D.

Science forum to discuss epidemics of common wildlife

An assistant professor at UT will address the state of deteriorating wildlife at the UT Science Forum that is being held Friday, March 7 at noon in the Thompson-Boling Arena Ding room C-D. Dr. Marcy J. Souza will present “Epidemics of Less Glamorous Wildlife: What Can We Do to Stop Them?” at the weekly lecture […]

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Historian speaks of stories from the Secret City

Y-12 Historian Ray Smith spoke at the second installment of the UT Science Forum about the history of Oak Ridge and the Y-12 Facility.

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Dr. Jimmy Mays explains the applications of thermoplastic elastomers during an installment of the UT Science Forum

Professor is ‘changing the world with polymer chemistry’

Professor of chemistry and ORNL distinguished scientist introduced his plans to use polymer chemistry to create needed products for the consumer market.

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Archaeologist presents discoveries from space at science forum

On Friday, Devin A. White, Ph.D, spoke about archaeological discoveries from space for UT’s Science Forum at the Thompson Bowling Arena. White is the Senior Research Scientist in Geo-computation at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and an assistant professor of Anthropology at UT. He explained satellite remote sensing, a technique which influences archaeological research. “Satellite remote sensing […]

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Government shutdown causes cancellation of UT Science Forum

University of Tennessee’s Science Forum was cancelled last Friday due to government shutdown. Stacy Clark, Ph.D, was scheduled to present at the UT Science Forum on Friday Oct. 4. Clark, a research forester for the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of Forestry, was suppose to present her research titled Bringing Back the Mighty Giant. However, […]

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