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UT Science Forum hosts Mars researcher

For the past two years, a small laboratory rover has been digging, sifting, and inspecting the surface of Mars in an attempt to understand what it would have been like to walk on the planet 3.5 billion years ago.
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Researcher explains efforts to restore the American chestnut

[caption id="attachment_8726" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Dr. Stacy Clark explain her research on the American chestnut to a crowd at Friday's UT Science Forum.[/caption] Dr. Stacy Clark of the U.S. Forest Services, spoke at Friday’s installment of the UT Science Forum on “American Chestnut Restoration: Can We Bring Back the Mighty Giant.” Her presentation highlighted current efforts being made…
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Science forum to discuss epidemics of common wildlife

[caption id="attachment_7624" align="alignleft" width="300"] The UT Science Forum featuring Dr. Marcy J. Souza will be held at Thompson Boling Arena Dining room C-D.Mariah Bowers/ TNJN[/caption] An assistant professor at UT will address the state of deteriorating wildlife at the UT Science Forum that is being held Friday, March 7 at noon in the Thompson-Boling Arena…
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